Portable Anti-Spy Hidden Camera Infrared Detector


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Anti Spy Detector For Hidden Pinhole Miniature Camera Camera Finder For Android iPhone Phone Hotel Restaurant Public Toilets


Today, hidden cameras represent a growing threat to personal privacy, especially when it comes to travel and tourism.

What’s more is that today, cameras are so small that they can be easy to hide. In some cases, you could be being captured on video without even knowing that it’s happening.

【Easy to Use】 Plugging in the phone automatically turns on the IR filter and the camera lens flicker is detected by the naked eye to confirm that the hidden suspicious items are hidden.With a circular viewfinder that lets you search for bugs with eyes, no matter the hidden camera is on or off, you will see red light when detect camera.

【Hidden Camera Detector】One machine, many explorations ? Make a potential third eye visible ? Use it to find pinhole cameras, miniature cameras, lighters, camera pens, etc.

【Material & Size】The anti-counterfeit light meter is made of ABS plastic, weighs 8.5 grams, measures 58x45x10mm and works with iphone & Android phones.

【Protect Your Privacy】Camera Finder can be in almost anything. The news is full of hidden cameras in hotels, AirBnBs, bathrooms, locker rooms, or conference meeting rooms. Be proactive with your privacy by finding and removing hidden cameras.

【 Quality Warranty】. Note: Please do not look at the flashing red light for a long time. Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detectors is not waterproof, please keep it dry. Do not place the instrument near fire or high temperature locations.

Anti-theft And Anti-sneak shooting

Your Privacy Bodyguard

Trustworthy Privacy And Security Guardian

Actively Seek

Quick Lock

Small AndPortable


One Machine With Many Explorations lt’s very Different

6 LEDs Infrared Scanning Lamp Beads Stronger Lighting, Longer Scanning Distance Effectively Kill Pinhole Camera

Cable Or Wireless Products

Lignt sense Detector For Anti camera

Quickly Find All Kinds Of Pinhole Cameras

Hidden ln The Dark

Dealing With All Kinds Of Pinhole Cameras

Convenient detector

Just plug it in iphone and Android all work

Red Reflection

lnfrared Active Detection

1.Plug in the phone automatically turn on

2.lnfrared filter through the naked eve

3.Found that the camera lens flickers

Infrared Detection See Through The Third Eye

Small And Portable | Easy To Carry

We suggest you to do a visual inspection using Camera Lens Finder mode at first to check for hidden cameras (check for both wired or wireless one).

Applicable Scene

Detecting hidden camera in the hotels/motels/Airbnbs Personal privacy is at high risk when staying in unfamiliar environment, so it is a must have device you need to take with you on you travels.