MINI camera 1080P HD


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1080P HD camera/Voice recorder

High-quality core technology

HD lens HD camera/Voice recorder 1080P Dashcam HD eight-core noise reduction Save files automatically when power is lost Support TF card Timestamp

HD camera, compact and portable

Two modes to choose at will: record video and sound / record sound only Compact and portable, you can take it with you, you can take shoot recordings at any time, class study meeting records, news interviews easily deal with various occasions Mini voice recorder HD camera

1080P HD camera

High-end original lens, optical precision molding is comparable to the light-sensitive lens of professional cameras, can record in day and night Light-sensitive lens HD camera

True 1080P HD quality

HD noise reduction chip HD noise reduction chip built-in digital noise reduction IC, effectively reducing the impact of noise HD noise reduction Achieve live sound Reduced power consumption Pixel boost

File encryption

After the user sets the password, the file cannot be accessed unless the correct password is entered.

105 degree wide-angle HD camera

Using HD lens, optical precision technology, 1920 * 1080P HD imaging, can be used as a driving recorder

360 ° recording with dual microphone noise reduction

Built-in large-diameter condenser dual microphone, high-definition noise reduction, long-distance recording, locking the source of the sound to achieve high-fidelity effect Long-distance noise reduction recording


Built-in time chip, with time synchronization function, the recording file is named (year, month, day, hour, minute, second) Timestamps

One-click video / recording

After turning on the camera / sound recording switch, you can records.

OTG phone connection

Mobile phone OTG playback Support Android mobile phone OTG connection, can play recordings on mobile phones, view upload management files at any time (only for Android phones)

Save files automatically when power is lost

When the system battery is detected to be too low, it automatically saves the file and then shuts down to ensure that the data is not lost

More applications scenes

Classroom learning Meeting minutes Reporter interview

Product information

Microphone Off indicator ON/OFF Reset hole Camera Microphone Video file save Recording file save Micro SD Card

Product information

Mini camera*1 Data cable*1 User Manual(English)*1 Packing box

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Mini camera*1 Data cable*1 User Manual(English)*1 Packing box