Mini Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector


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NEW RF Signal Anti Candid Camera Detector



Easy to use, lightweight and portable, novel and practical pinhole camera detector.

The product has three major functions:

1. Laser + infrared detection

2. Optical lens detection

3. Laser pointer function

The laser + infrared detection function can accurately indicate the installation position of the pinhole camera.

The optical lens detection function can directly display the lens image of the pinhole camera on the screen of the mobile phone.

The detector can also be used as a laser pointer.

One machine with multiple functions and powerful functions



●Function: This product is used to detect various wired and wireless cameras in the on/off state.

●Laser emission standard: CLASS II

●Laser power: 1mw

.Built-in battery capacity: 90mah

●Charging voltage: 5V/1A

●Charging interface: Type-c

●Optical lens magnification: 2 times

●Infrared detection range: 1-5m

●Colors: White/Green/Pink


Packing List:

1 x Detector

1 x USB Cable

1 x User manual



1. Working mode. This product has two working modes, namely laser infrared scanning mode and optical lens detection mode.

2. How to use laser infrared scanning mode. Move the mode switch to the direction of the laser transmitter, and the laser transmitter will light up. You can hold the detector to aim the laser beam at the area to scan back and forth. When the infrared camera is in the working state, the detector infrared The scanning alarm indicator will keep flashing, and the built-in vibrator will vibrate at the same time. At this time, you can further search for hidden infrared cameras in the area indicated by the laser.

Special note: Because this detection mode is to detect whether there is a hidden camera in the environment by detecting the infrared light emitted by the camera, but the camera will not turn on the infrared light when the ambient light is strong, so please set it in the ambient light Use this detection mode in dark situations.

If the ambient light is bright, you can try to turn off the curtains, lights and other light sources to keep the environment in a dark state, and prompt the infrared camera in the environment to automatically turn on the infrared fill light so that we can detect it. This mode can only detect cameras that are on and turn on the infrared fill light.

3. Optical lens detection mode. Turn the mode switch to the direction of the optical lens to turn on the optical detection mode. This mode can be used to detect cameras that are on or off.

There are two ways to use this mode: 1. The human eye observes directly through the lens. 2. Clamp the detector on the mobile phone lens and observe through the mobile phone screen.

4. Use steps to observe through the mobile phone screen:

(1) Turn on the phone camera and set the camera magnification to 2-3 times.

(2) For mobile phones with multiple lenses, you need to touch the lens of the phone with your hand to test which lens the current camera uses is working.

(3) Clamp the detector lens to the front of the mobile phone lens, fine-tune the calibration so that the mobile phone screen can clearly see the image, and then turn on the detector, that is, hold the mobile phone to scan the environment.