Hidden Camera Spy Camera Wiretap


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Hidden Camera Spy Camera Wiretap Bug Finder

GPS GSM Sound Signal WIFI G4 RF Tracker

Anti Candid Camera Spy Devices Detector


Product Details 

This product uses the active laser scanning and passive scanning method of combining wireless can accurately identify: Eavesdropping devices, tracking devices, car eavesdropping, wireless pinhole camera, wired camera, electrical sources, and so on. Can effectively prevent eavesdropping, videotaping, fraud and protect personal privacy data and information confidential.

With automatic detection for eavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, etc, prompt your body automatically detects the danger.

Has a signal strength indicator, to quickly find the source of the signal.

Detection modes: Laser probe, vibration (silent), beep detection probe detection, LED display and headphone mute detection.

Laser detection: Host window can be seen through the eyes of all inside of the current situation facing the camera lens.

Wireless sweep: frequency detection range (1MHz-605GHz).

Features :

HD camera detector.

Full band detection range: 1 MHz ~ 6.05 GHz

Combination of active laser scanning and passive scanning.

Automatic detection – Eavesdropping device killer.

Perfect for protecting personal privacy.


Product Specification :

Detection Mode:

1.Laser Probe;

2.Vibration (silent) Probe;

3.Beep Detection;

4.LED Display;

5.Headphone Mute Detection

Primary Function: camera detector

Detection Frequency: 1 MHz ~ 605 GHz

Display: LED

Laser Detection Range: 10cm ~ 10m (visually recognizable red flashing)

Radio Detection Range: 5cm ~ 10m 

Probe Laser Wave Length: 920 nm





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