Hidden Camera Infrared Sensor Detector - Anti Spy Scan


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Multifunctional camera detector, infrared scanning, vibration sensor, compact and convenient  

Infrared detection, don’t miss any omissions

Easy to use: put your eyes close to the observation window, the laser light is facing forward, press the power button once, the light starts to flash, look for a suspicious place, if there is a hidden camera, it will be displayed as a bright spot in the lens, so it is found . (Four button modes: fast flashing and slow flashing/always on/off, each time you press it, you change the mode once)


Working current: 45mA

Charging voltage: 5V 

Charging current: 100mA 

Charging time: 2 hours 

Size: 10×4.3×1.1

Package Included:

1*detector,1*Charging line


Warning: do not look directly at the LED light, please look through the window,