Anti-Candid Camera Detector Pen


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Newly upgraded infrared intelligent Wifi Hidden Camera detector – Protect your privacy.


This product uses a passive, wireless and infrared scanning technique.

It can accurately detect: eavesdropping, telephone eavesdropping,meetings eavesdropping, location trackers , car eavesdropping, wireless pinhole cameras, cable cameras, electrical radiation sources and so on. It can effectively prevent eavesdropping, secret filming, fraud and help in protection of personal privacy data and information confidentiality.


1) Portable pen shape design, small and delicate, easy to carry out, travel on business.

2) It has the automatic detection function, the main device can be carried around, when an environment has an eavesdropping device; the pinhole camera, the casino fraud devices and so on; the main device will automatically alert to indicate danger.

3) Also, it has signal strength display indicator, so the source can be quickly found.

4) The sensitivity can be changed by altering the potentiometer. (increase sensitivity, widen detection range, reduce sensitivity, shorten detection range, and identify radio wave sources faster.)

5), detection modes: 1, Laser detection 2. Vibration (mute) detection3.

Buzzer detection 4.LED signal display detection,

6), Built-in rechargeable battery. Long working time. 300mAh battery can be used for 25 hours continuously.

7), Laser detection: You can see through the host window, all the came

ra lenses in the line of sight. it can wirelessly sweep: frequency detection

range (1MHZ-6.5GHZ)



Product size: 16*130mm

Product weight: about 30g

Charging interface: Type-C

Working Hours: 25 consecutive hours

Antenna gain: -56 db

Charging power source: DC5V/A

Product battery: 3.7V/300mAh polymer lithium battery

Sensitivity: Level 5 is adjustable

Receiving frequency range: 1 MHz-6.5GHz

Signal detection range: 5 cm ~10 meters

Optical lens: Special filters

Laser detection range: 10cm – 15cm

Product material: PC


Package List:

1 x detector

1 x charging cable

1 x User manual( English, Japanese Language)



A: detect radio waves (wireless cameras/ bugs, etc.)

1) press the power switch for 3 to 5 seconds, hear the “drop” sound, release the finger “WIFI” indicator light, tum on the default detection wireless camera mode.

2), move left and right, if the white light fiashes, there is a sound prompt,

indicating that there is a source of emission. The more the white light indicator lights up, the stronger the signal.

3) short press sensitivity adjustment button, the more the white light , the

higher the sensitivity. You can expand the search range.

4), cyclic adjustment of sensitivity keys reduce the number of white lights,reduce the sensitivity, reduce the detection range, and finally find the emission source.

5), You can also tum on silent mode for silent detection.

6), short press of the power key, can switchgears, “full-band” is a full band detection, frequency detection range (1MHz- -6. 5GHz), the detection method repeats steps 1-5. B: detection camera

7) short press “mode button” top 3 infrared lights on, short press sensitivity adjustment key can control the flashing speed Of red lights. Each press will lead to the LED flicker frequency to be one level faster, cycle adjustment. There are a total of 5 levels to select from , can adapt to different user preferences.

8), move this instrument up, down, left and right, use the laser scan to the surrounding environment.

You can observe using the accessories special light-sensitive film. If there is a camera lens in front of you, you will find a very strong bright spot flashing,

9), press the switch again to tum off the laser scanning function, C:TYPE-C charging, the red light indicates it’ s charging, the green light means it’ s fully charged, there is a low power prompt.